Elfsera pre-paints from em-4

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Normally I wouldn't consider buying pre-painted figures, but since I'm up to my neck in unpainted lead & plastic as I rush to stock my dungeon I gave these a second look while scanning evilbay.

At first I turned my nose up at the price, but £15 for five figures works out at £3 each (and don't forget the 5 "free" dice that come with 'em - as if I needed any more!!), more than I'd like to pay, but still comparable to some unpainted white metal offerings

Apologies for the crappy photo's but I left my decent camera at the in-laws
So, what do you get in the box? The Beholder isn't the best model I've ever seen, but it'll do the job ~

The Mind Flayer is the second of the "classics" in the set ~

along with a Cockatrice ~

The Werewolf is in a slightly weird pose, but it kinda works and it's much more imposing than some I've seen - it's an impressive size too! ~

and here's a Fungi to be with to complete the set - not a monster as such, but loads of potential for encounters ~

Finally, the funky free dice with the scary skulls instead of 1's - thrown straight into the dice bag of holding!

Not too shabby at the price I reckon, though TBH I'm still smarting after spending that amount on these figures, especially compared to the bargain bucket job lots I've been picking up, but I've justified the expense by classing 'em as a present to myself for being so busy gigging over the last couple of weeks, and they're compensation for lost modelling time


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Re: Elfsera pre-paints from em-4

I have peered at these more than few times on EM4's website and from what I've seen they are pretty good miniatures all things considered. Although I wouldn't buy them for myself I've often thought they make a great gift for some one who liked the same games as me, but didn't enjoy painting.

The Elfsera 1 “Adventurers” box for instance would provide a non-painter with a full party of characters for a classic dungeon crawls game, likewise the “Large Creatures”, “Dungeon Monsters” and “Undead” boxes provide a good variety of monsters, add in the “Fantasy Warriors 2 - Orc Raiders” box to bulk out your encounters and you've got enough monsters for a good handful of adventures.

 ^ Elfsera 7 - Large Creatures

 ^ Elfsera 5 - The Undead

 ^ Fantasy Warriors 2 - Orc Raiders

As someone who enjoys painting I do however wish they would sell unpainted versions - also I kinda want to convert the Troll in the Large Creatures set to be playing an electric guitar  

PS I believe the fungus model is intended to be used a Shrieker Mushroom but I think it could be used to represent any number of mushroom monsters
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Re: Elfsera pre-paints from em-4

I totally agree with you on all counts - and yep, I reckon the fungi is meant to be a Shrieker but it'll end up being used for all sorts of  'shrooms in play (at least until I make some different ones up as per your excellent Shrieker tutorial  )
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