Eldar Wanderer - WIP

Posted by Apocalypsedreamer Apocalypsedreamer
Herro Everybody!  I've been painting... allot, well, allot considering my complete lack of hobby related EVERYTHING :3  Ok, to the point, I've had the Dark Eldar Archon model since it came out, but I never really had a reason to paint it, and i didn't fell that i could do it justice (tbh I still don't).  No matter what you think of games workshop or 40k (I hold them in very low stead) you have to appreciate the beauty of the DE range (4 they is sexy x3).  I thought playing an Eldar wanderer would be pretty fun, just hard to roleplay, i'm not sure if they are as haughty as the elves in the Inheritance trilogy or Tolkien elves (please tell me what eldar are like O_o).

Time for some PICS!!!!!

He looks so much cooler IRL but I didn't want to auto correct the pics! C & C is always welcome! SO SHARE IT.... please .  tell me your ideas for basing him, and what else i could do to improve him! Thanks!