EVENT: Con-Quest derby 2011

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the sad thing is, i am probably the worst person on the forum to have attended this event: it turns out there was not too much there for me. I think Mortis or Rob would have had a much better time!

the Con Quest day was aimed squarely at the RPG and alternative gaming crowd. sadly this is not something im very experienced in, so sadly I can't really say if it was a good event or not!

(i know its out of focus- to protect identities)

it cost £9 to enter, and for me that seemed a bit steep. however when you notice just how many playing tables there were all over the venue, and that it was open 10-8pm and you could return all day, if your a real RPG gamer this is pretty cool.

my personal highlights were:


mantic had a small stall

they had a small stall showing their new dungeon quest game. they were also demo-ing the main wargame.
i think mantic are in a very precarious position- they are genuinley stressing GW, but the mini quality is still (IMHO) not quite GW quality, and they seem to be bumping their prices up. plus i watched a demo game and their own ruleset seemed a bit lacking in character. if they are going to challenge GW they need to undercut like fuck and match them on style. time will tell...

i had a demo game of "Lord of the Fries"
what a con! now dont get me wrong- its aa fun game and a nice pickup thing. but it has zombies all over the box and artwork, but when you start playing its just the kind of game you play at school- nothing to do with zombies! cheeky fuckers! however- it was nice enough and would be very fun pissed up.

this was where i expected the most GW stuff to be and i was not wrong. there was also a lot of other games for sale second hand.

these MIGHT be one to watch- they have built there own mechanic, and from that have three core games- a sleuth game, a zombie (inevitable) game and a wild west shoot out. these are very new but hopefully get a bit of a following as they seem nice guys

the lady had a PVC dress and her tits out. cant really remember much else... but why would i wanna?

a list of traders and their URLs are here.

for those of us with mor eof an interest in questing and role play games i would say "come up son". the large number of gaming areas, the huge number of companies just showing their stuff (for example Steve Jackson games didnt have a retail presence, just a "look at this" bit which i respected) meant a broad minded gamer would find lots to enjoy. i might also possibly suggest it would make a nice venue for our SECOND forum meeting next year should this years go ok...


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Re: EVENT: Con-Quest derby 2011

Excellent stuff, shame I missed it - any other-weekend and I could have made it, looks like it was fun none the less

did you pick up any bargains at the bring and buy tables?
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Re: EVENT: Con-Quest derby 2011

nah- it was mostly books. some little cunt in front of me got a full box of jungle trees unopend, which worked my ticket as i wanted that, and i VERY nearly bought an 8th ed rulebook- the limited one in the big case, for £30. im sure they go for STACKS more on ebay, but i couldnt be assed!
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Re: EVENT: Con-Quest derby 2011

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I may have to check this out next year.  Very close and RPG top heavy - my sort of thing.  Thanks for the pics and links.