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EU Potion Cards by Sjeng

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This is my Deck of Potions for Heroquest, in the European format.
I've remade the original 5 treasure deck potions, added the US expansion potions from KK, RotWL and the EQP + BQP.
I also added 3 optional custom potions, 1 for all heroes, 1 for the dwarf and 1 for the wizard. Artwork kindly provided by Goblin King from Ye Olde Inn.
My new Treasure deck contains 2 random potion cards and 2 random spell scroll cards to use with this deck and the scroll deck.

You can use this deck in several ways:
- You can keep the original potions as treasure deck cards, and leave them out of the potions deck. This way, you will have a random chance to find a potion in the treasure pile, from the US expansions that weren't released in Europe or weren't included in KK/RotWL.
- You can remove the original potions from the treasure deck, and add them to the potions deck if you want all potions to be kept together in the same deck for an equal chance of finding them.
- You can use both, so the chance of finding one of the original potions is higher than the other potions.
- You can choose to add the optional new cards I added.
- Or you can not use this deck at all ;)

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