Dystopian Ocean 2011 - 19th March 2011 1 day Tournament

Posted by Triple Helix Wargames Triple Helix Wargames
Let the sounds of the waves not smother the sounds of gun fire on the ocean!! The first UK based Dystopian Ocean Tournament is being held here. This 1 day event has a ticket price of £15 and includes lunch and free tea and coffee all day.  All entrants will also receive a free “special” gift direct from Spartan Games.  

The day will consist of 3 games and you will need an 800 point naval setting fleet for the day.  For more information including the rules pack go to http://www.triplehelixwargames.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=98   

You can purchase tickets on-line at www.triplehelixwargames.co.uk or visit us in store or call 01373 855380.  See you there....