Dungeons and Dragons stats for WHQ?

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Dungeons and Dragons stats for WHQ?

Heya guys-

Ok. I am putting away putting together a bunch of stuff for my WHQ game, but what I am hoping to do is to get a more Dungeons & Dragons dungeon crawl. These will be low-level guys to start, so I am hoping to get mostly iconic dungeon monsters (gelatinous cubes, green slimes, kobolds, skeletons, etc.)

A couple of questions:

1- What sort of monsters would be good for a dungeon like this?
2- Where would you suggest getting them from?
3-How would I make stats for them? (I am looking for balanced critters, and stuff that a 1st-3rd level party could withstand)
4-How would I make up a sheet for them? (Was thinking an excel file, but if there is a template, I would love that.)

Thanks for the help!
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