Demon mask Scratch made by me in Pottery in late 90's.

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Re: Demon mask Scratch made by me in Pottery in late 90's.

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Teeth modelled on Dario Argento,s "demons" film & given Rottweiler ears & cats eye pupils.Colour is ceramic,kiln fired.I made this at Red Gables(Like Arkum Asylum for the criminally insane,but based in the Trowbridge community?)pottery class over a few hours.......................When I was psychotic & on anti-psychotics in about 2003.They called it 'Therapy' but looking back it was just a nutcase let loose with a pile of clay bringing his visions to life.                                               Fortunately God has been restoring my mind ever since towards 'soundness'.I was suprised how easy they were to make,just roll out some clay,place on a mask,press on & then do your magic.Like mathmatics,it's just basic addition & subtraction.As with all modelling an eye for detail helps.
     Very important-if you make one of these in Pottery class or use self drying must seal the rear with waterproof pva & paint,if you are hanging them outside or take them in at Autumn(put out in Spring)otherwise water & frost will crack/destroy them.Also make the holes for the hanging cord before you fire/dry them as it is harder to drill them after that............I should know because my 'pinhead' from Hellraiser(Sorry no pictures as I gave it away to my nephew after my brother died 7 years ago);the pin holes shrank in the kiln & I had to drill every hole to fit the pins.
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