Demon mask Scratch made by me in Pottery in late 90's.

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Demon mask

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Re: Demon mask Scratch made by me in Pottery in late 90's.

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My first attempt at Hannya the vengful & jealous woman turned demon as seen in the Japanese film "Onibaba" black & white,1964 by Kaneto Shindo(later made Kuroneko 1968).Unfortuneately cracked on first firing so had to be glued together with pva & painted with gloss paints.Also used by Mugenkyo in their concert great Japanese film of supernatural(ghost) fantasy is "Kwaidan" by Masaki Kobayashi-winner of the special jury prize Cannes film festival 1965,PG.I was going to buy a hand carved wooden one on the internet but when I found that they cost about £450 I decided not to.You can buy self drying clay instead of taking up pottery.It was simple enough to make:roll it out like pastry about 1-2cm thick & place on top of a plastic face mask(supported by rolled up newspaper)push in the clay to take up the shape & then add or remove clay to sculpt your face.They are too heavy to wear.
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