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ok ive been looking for a dragon as a ride for a hero. i cant find anything i like in the regular places so ive been looking at the Mcfarlane's dargons. dose anyone have tips?

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Dragons! there are lots of Dragons out there!

first off I am going to show you THE best dragon ever made!

this is from Heresy Miniatures, it's the largest miniature Dragon on the market, it cost £200 and is worth every penny!

and now onto more regular sized dragons ...

This is the Great Green Dragon just one of the many nice (and great value) resin Dragons from Scotia Grendel's Fantasy Monsters Range 

here's an Elven Lord on Battle Dragon from Mantic, the rider should be simple enough to replace

Ral Partha Europe have no less than 7 excellent dragons in their Dragons Range including the stunning 'Bridge of Sorrows' diorama you see above

Black Tree Design  also have few reasonably priced Dragons although the detailing isn't the best around

Reaper Miniatures do a Fuck tones of Dragons! among all their other stunning miniatures

Dark Sword do a few dragons as part of their Elmore Masterworks Range

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