Closing date 25th Oct 2010 Pakistan Flood Relief Bundle

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Closing date 25th Oct 2010 Pakistan Flood Relief Bundle

Billiam Babble
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I'd feel really bad if I didn't notify people who didn't already know about this, but every time there's a hideous disaster somewhere in the world the Onebookshelf websites ask publishes to donate products (PDFs ahem) for charity profit only.  
$25 USD for "$700" of stock.

This offer runs out in a couple of days.

As I post this the Onebookshelf sites claim to have raised a phenomenal $51,875.00
Screw shaking tins, that's a lot of people paying for files!  

The products being listed is a bit hit and miss, but I was totally swayed by Dragon Warriors and Starblazers Adventures, and I'm very curious about the Exalted rulebook + a very OTT DM's screen.  

Anyway, if you miss this offer, just wait for the next hideous natural calamity to strike the third or second world!

These were both quite cool inclusions - card scenery:

Himmelveil Streets / WorldWorksGames / TerrainlinX

and Fort Triside