Cheap greenstuff supplies. [Cheaper than Heresy]

Posted by messyart messyart
I kept happily rambling 'bout where I buy my Green from, sadly it caught on and now I'm not the only one interested, so, to start off with;

Now firstly, to explain how I'm going to compare, visit here;

£11.00 a pack, 3 or more packs for £9.00 each from Heresy [+£2.70 for 1st class delivery]

So I'm going to do it all on the idea of having brought 3 from there, thus saving a few squid..

108" of Green stuff would cost you £29.70

Now, where I get it from costs £6.35 per 36" [+£1.95 for second class delivery]

108" would be £21

Oh, and for a laugh?

If we try and say GW sell it for £6.15 for "10
110" costs you £67.65

So, Heresy sell it for 0.27p per inch

I get it for 0.19p an inch

Meanwhile, good old GW sells it for 0.61p per inch.
The numbers, and my personal lulz aside;

He's sold enough of them for me to say in safety "He's safe"
And I've bought about 108" off of him and I have no complaints beyond "It's a bit slow to arrive"

He also sells many models and things, so if you're bored, maybe peer through to have a little bit of a giggle at his sillier prices.

Hope this helps someone out there! :3
[and if you're ever going to order some, maybe ask about so you can get more in at once. Have people get one or two in, pay a bit towards the initial postage etc]