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On the 2nd of February this year my daughter Alice was born and as anyone who knows will tell you ; becoming a dad means huge changes to your life. One big change for me is the reduction of my painting and modelling time to pretty much zero for what is probably going to be a long while.
Fortunately for the few people who actually read the sparse and random things I post, in the time leading up to Alice's birth I was quite productive with my painting and  modelling, and I even took some pictures of what I did so that I could show you them. So without further ado here's some Chaos Warriors.

It was a while when running a Chaos themed dungeon game, that I decided I needed some Chaos Warriors that were a little more 'generic' than my Warriors of Nurgle since it wasn't supposed to be a Nurgle dungeon. What I needed, I decided, were some rank-and-file basic Chaos Warriors that were not thematically tied to any particular Chaos God, what was once referred to with the rather strange term “Chaos Undivided”.

So I grabbed a handful of HeroQuest Chaos Warriors and the rather similar one-piece plastic Warhammer Chaos Warriors from the mid-90's which I've always thought of as the 'Warhammer Quest Chaos Warriors' but apparently didn't come with Warhammer Quest.
At least 2 of the miniatures I came across in collection I'd already re-based (years back) onto standard 25mm round bases with textured plasticard so I went about re-basing the others to match.
Then to ensure than although they were all going to be similar, no two would be identical I went about doing a little conversion work.

Going from left to right along the row in the picture above we have:
1 - A completely stock Warhammer one-piece plastic Chaos Warrior
2 - A re-based HeroQuest Chaos Warrior with the horns replaced with ones from a newer Warhammer Chaos Warrior (this one is probably my favourite of the lot)
3 -  A Warhammer one-piece plastic Chaos Warrior with it's axe replaced by one from a multi-part Chaos Warrior from the late 90's.
4 - A HeroQuest Chaos Warrior, re-based and re-armed with a hammer from the late 90's Chaos Warrior sprues, also the 'bead' between the horns on his helmet has been replaced with a skull detail of similar size
5 - Another HeroQuest Chaos Warrior, re-based both otherwise untouched

For the paint job I wanted to imitate the black metallic look of the Chaos Warrior seen in the original WFRP book in the colour image by Bob Naismith titled 'Evil Races' which sits on it's own page between pages 240 and 241. An edited version of this image titled 'The Minions of Morcar' also can be found on the back cover of the Kellar's Keep HeroQuest expansion's Quest Book.

With this image in mind I went about using subtle mixtures of Citadel Tin Bitz, P3 Pig Iron and P3 Thamar Black for the main parts of the armour and picked out details in P3 Blighted Gold before shading all the of the amour with Citadel Badab Black and Army Painter Dark Tone Ink. For contrast (which doesn't show up too well in the photographs) the metallic parts of the weapons were painted Citadel Boltgun Metal and highlighted with Citadel Chainmail before shading with watered down Citadel Badab Black. Various browns from the P3 range of paints were used for the boots and gloves on each miniature, all washed with Citadel Devlan Mud.
Other details like the horns and the weapon handles were painted in the normal way I do such things and are hardly worth a mention here.

I've got a few more one-piece Warhammer Chaos Warriors as well as fuck-tons of HeroQuest Chaos Warriors sitting around here somewhere so maybe in the distant future (once Alice is old enough to not need constant attention 24-7) you'll see a few more of these painted and converted by me.  

Here as your bonus picture is a photograph of what's eating up all my time these days, my lovely baby girl Alice, likely to be a future gamer.

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Happy fatherhood. And ditto motherhood for your missus.
Welcome to the world, Alice.