Chaos Shrine

Posted by MortiS-the-Lost MortiS-the-Lost
This is a 'Well of Chaos' from Reaper Miniatures produced as part of their amazing Bones plastic range. Despite it's names it's more of a fountain or perhaps font type piece than a well. It's got some really nice details like the cracks and texture of the stone work and all the interesting eldritch designs of the metal which made it a really nice piece to paint  

I began with a thin crisp undercoat of undiluted MP Black Primer (that by the way is how it's done, for any of you reading this who have been having trouble). I then started the painting proper with a heavy dry-brush of Citadel Charadon Granite and built up the stone with layers of P3 Ironhull Grey,  Army Painter Uniform Grey and then Citadel Codex Grey. There was a time when I would have started stone with Codex Grey and then build up with Citadel Fortress Grey and Citadel Bubonic Brown, but these days I tend to do stone a lot darker to match more closely with my dungeon.  

For the metal I used P3 Molten Bronze shaded with a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone Ink, I added a subtle 'verdigris'  effect by making random highlights with a mixture of  Molten Bronze and Citadel Rotting Flesh and then re-shading the same area with Citadel Thrakka Green

The eye shaped gem was painted P3 Skorne Red, highlighted with Citadel Ruby Red and given a thin coat of Citadel Gloss Varnish

Now if you're going to have an eldritch fountain like this there is only one liquid you are going to want to have in it … blood. I started with a layer of P3 Skorne Red followed by Citadel Blood Red, over this went a layer of Citadel Baal Red Wash followed by Citadel Red Glaze and then given 2 coats of Gloss Varnish

As a final touch I used watered down Citadel Thrakka Green and Citadel Devlan Mud to add some subtle stains to the stonework

The end result is a rather brooding and foreboding shrine to some dark, unknown deity - In my games it will see use as some kind of blood font/fountain type element in dungeons perhaps with a similar function to the shrines in the Diablo series of computer games.