Chaos Ogre

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A heavily modified Chaos Ogre, using plastic ogre, parts from a defiler and plasticards and Greenstuff.

Conversion made by my talented friend JW. Paint job by me.


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Re: Chaos Ogre

Excellent work as always

What parts did you use?

Nice bit of Hirst Arts terrain it's standing on too
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Re: Chaos Ogre

The body, axe handle and some of the armour is from a regular plastic ogre, the helmet is from the Defiler chaos engine from WH40K.
Shield is from a regular ol' Chaos Warrior.

Then my friend worked his magic with plasticard and greenstuff.
I bribed him with a mint-in-box old, unassembled Leman Russ to do his thing.

The paint job used all the usual techniques and I used Blood for the Bloodgod to give the armour a sort of enamelled sheen.

Although not visible on this picture, the World Eaters-icon is also painted on the shoulder and belly plates, mostly because it looks hella cool but also because it fits the gluttonous nature of ogres.

More pictures are available on my dA-account.