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Just thought i would offer up for your viewing pleasure....the company that now have the I-Kore range of Celtos miniatures that I have been collecting!  All of these mini's so far have come from Ebay as no supplier could be found but now, after an afternoon online when i really should have been doing something more constructive, I have tracked them down.  

I found an extremly useful site....


....who have a manufacturers directory.  It quickly led me through the companies (from I-Kore to Urban Mammoth to Brigade) who have owned the I-Kore range and to it's present owner....


Cool, huh?

The catalogue is a bit odd as the pic's are in a seperate pdf download and the actual page where you order has no pic's at all.  Better check those product codes!!

Owning several of this range (all sidhe) I can vouch for their awesomeness.   I now plan on buying several more for my little warband and some of the other ranges too.  More details to follow once they arrive.  I'm sure there will be a terribly large hole in my bank account when my order is complete!

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Ah I've been buying stuff from Briagde for ages. They've got some great lines if you're into smaller scale sci-fi or spaceship games. They're pretty quick to get stuff sent out too.