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COMMENT: back in the game...

General Biakal

indeed i do, in my humble opinion...

so on Saturday i will be having my first propper, honest to Xenu game in about a year. I took a break because as some of you know i kept getting beaten quite solidly in EVERY FUCKING GAME. 600, 1000, 1500 points, hell, even in scenarios where I LOADED it in my favour by turn five i was looking at an empty table edge.

essentially this, every time...

in fact, beaten is a bit of a pleasant way of describing it. Raped, leveled, buggered, tabled or as some people i know are calling it, "Biakal'd".

so now, on Saturday at lenton we start a new chapter. and because of this I am taking a few units i have never played before, for two reasons.

ONE: if i get reamed it was because i was trying a new list! (whisper it......nice get out tubby!)

TWO: the ones i am taking might actually stop me being humiliated.

it better be, cos if i don't, im gonna burn the fucking LOT

these units are of course, counter-assault units. Ogryns and Rough Riders. i realised i needed something to hit hard into enemy hardnuts, and I need a unit to absorb the damage and stop a nasty enemy rolling up my entire army...

I have three Ogryns, lead by O/Sgt Everard "Donkey" Punch.

they are a bit expensive at 130pts but they shoot quite nicely (9 S5 shots at BS3) and are also a good hand to hand unit, especially on the charge.

ogryn bodyguards bring the pain and the love in equal measure. there is a lot to be said for a life of combat when your 10 feet tall, 60 stone and stink of B.O like a supply teacher...

The ogryn stood uncomfortably in front of Rondo's camp desk. He looked so embarrassed it took all of the Commanders self control not to smile- in the many months Everard had been his official bodyguard they had got very close and even Enoch, Rondo's co-general in the 349th, had a surprisingly informal relationship and even tolerated being called "General Enoch".

"What do you want, Sergeant?" asked Rondo, willing to induldge for a short time at least
"Its da lads Sir, da ovver Ogryn lads".

The squad had taken quite a beating recently and its Bone 'Ed had been killed in a nasty fashion by a particularly large Ork.

"Since dat Ork smashed Clint's face up with that big pole dey ant had one for to yell at em. They don't likes it, sir"

A whole future flashed before his eyes, and that future was full of sweaty, smelly Ogryns.

"Well they cant ride with us in Persephone Everard, there isn't room"
"I know, i dun da maffs Mister Rondo... so I was sort of finkin I could do a bit of fightin wiv dem forra bit"

Rondo paused.

"we will give it a try. on a temporary basis"
"its not for ever if you don't want it to be"

As Punch left, Rondo smiled and penned a quick memo to Enoch. they would have to keep Everard out of trouble...

As for the Rough Riders...

well, 11 S5 I5 power weapon hits are pretty good, but with a WS of 3 they will be hitting on 5's which brings a bit of that Las Vegas exitement to my gaming experience. still, at 55points you cant argue can you? ...can you?
you only get one chance with the explosive Hunting Lances so it all depends on the dice rolls...

snake eyes? AGAIN? oh for FUCKS sake....fuck this shit... seriously

i may also give them a melta as that means they will still be useful after that all important first charge (yeah, see how im kidding myself they will survive....?)

i will let you all know how it pans out and how much i get fucked by....


"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch
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Re: COMMENT: back in the game...

good luck with it dude, it's about time you won a battle
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Re: COMMENT: back in the game...

General Biakal
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It was starting to cool as the dusk settled on the battlefield, the shouts and groans of the wounded drowned out by the scream of Med/Corps Valkyrie engines and the chugging of recovery tanks. Enoch Biakal yelled in turns into either his Vox or at one of the many runners waiting round his command post, the same position he had occupied during the brief but bloody action earlier that day.

it had started when the advanced force moved into the area of ruins next to a desert wadi. a huge dust cloud formed Enoch's front several hundred yards ahead, so he hastily formed up his forces and moved up both his support tanks and his Vendetta.

from the cloud came no less than TEN blood Angels vehicles- Razorbacks, Predators and even a Vindicator shot towards their position, over the ruins and moving fast.

luckily Enoch thought quickly and seemed to steal the initiative in the situation, sending the Vendetta down his right flank so it could pour fire into the sides of the enemy. Two Baal predators, armed with huge sophisticated flame throwers, clattered forwards at breakneck speed and pulled up only feet from the Guard positions.....

well, i played a 1750pt battle against a very mech Blood Angels force.

it was an Kill Point battle fought on a spearhead scenario. luckily it was on a 8x6 table, with a very open centre.

It was actually the khemri table at lenton which is a funky ass table.

i lost, but only 8-6 which, to be honest i was ecstatic with. BA are rediculously overpowered and to be honest if i had an extra 500pts a win would have been difficult. on a normal 6x4 table most forces would just be pushed off the table in three turns- the BA tanks are FAST and shooty as fuck.

i found out Leman Russ tanks with a standard battle cannon actually make a mess of Rhino chassis. im starting to realise they are by far the best Russ option. cheap and with massive range.

the rough riders really shone as a counter assault shock unit. i just need to A. keep them in cover better and B. remember they hit on 4s not 5s. that oversight did dick me a little but mea culpa...

the ogryns proved useful too- they soak up LOADS of fire, shoot ok and can hit hard in combat. im a bit of a fan but the are not an automatic choice- they suit a more tailored list than an all-commers.

the vendetta turned out to be an inspired choice too- i was 50/50 taking it an dim glad i did. not only can 3 TL lascannons inthe flank cause som real damage but they seem to have a mystical ability to soak up fire.

in a few more turns though im sure my rapid firing plasmas might have made an impact on the space marines!

It was a very enjoyable game but i fear for the people who have to face the new overpowered Marine codex!

"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch