COMMENT: Island of Blood

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she wants me.

Im gonna be careful cos im in unfamiliar territory... you "med evil" (sic) geeks are very different to us "spacey" geeks, and im tredding on your patch.

Because I want to comment on the new boxed set.

I have read the fluff in WD and to be honest, im interested. Iv always liked the Skaven which may be down to my "you always like the army featured in your first ever WD" theory, and i like the models in the box. I also like the dynamic and cool looking High Elves (damn near wrote eldar there) especially the hero on the big ass monster. that kind of thing from a simple sprue is awesome. I might prefer maybe a Skaven centre piece, maybe a vehicle.

i DO have concerns about these "snap-fit" models when it comes to long term development but you cant fault the idea of having two full armies ready for a ruck in about an hour.

 I can really see people doing swap parties, as just about everything but the hero on the griffon can be taken in multiples, which is awesome. there is stuff there for veteran Skaven and elf players. With prices the way they are £60 for a full rules set and all those models seems pretty good...


seriously, if ANYTHING should be a loss-leader in warhammer (either system) its the new box. it should be birthday money prices... shit even "mummy and daddy dont love each other anymore so i see daddy on saturday" prices... and while in the scheme of hobby sixty boys is actually a decent price, especially if your mate gets one and you do skaven and he does High Elves, its hardly going to drag people in to the hobby.

But as an outsider to this sub-hobby i might have the wrong impression... maybe you all thing this box is utter shit.


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Re: COMMENT: Island of Blood

I agree with you that the intro box set should probably have the lowest profit margin. This new one isn't bad value compared to most GW stuff, it probably does have one of the lowest profit margins infact, its just GW is and has been massively overpriced for years now. Its at least as good value as the 40K boxed set that's out at the moment, possibly better if you factor in that the dreadnought you get is tiny.

Snap fit models don't bother me to much, GW did some excellent 1 and 2 piece plastics back in the day (thinking 5th ed fantasy and 2nd ed 40K era), they just need to stop using digital modeling as much and get back to sculpting proper 3-ups.

So yeah I do sort of want some of the minis in it but I'll wait for them to get parted out on ebay.

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Re: COMMENT: Island of Blood

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I'm sorry but did that post have text in?
I think my scroll bar may have got stuck.