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This is a comment, not a review. and if it is going to mean ANYTHING to you at all you had better get yourself to  right this instant and have it open in a different window... its very worth it.

Victorian Steam tanks Range

I have not actually bought any of these models yet, so for all I know they are all fucking shit. But somehow i just dont think so. i think these are the real deal...

real, honest to goodness steam tanks. that look really war. i like the lines, i like the style.

i also really really like the steam boats (check em out). in certain missions these could be just utterly brilliant. River crossings, beach landings, flanking attacks from water, wow- my mind is boggling! The large walker, well to be honest that im not too amazed at. But im sure a turret on the roof from one of the other smaller tanks and maybe some extra pipes and stuff around the legs and underside and it would look a whole lot better. the tractor and trailer models also get my juices going- again for scenarios. im very impressed and it would take very little to proxy these with either Mordian or Preatorian IG figures for a 40k army. There are plenty of poxies for Chimera, Sentinel and Leman Russ chassis... and with a few additions from your IG bitz box and general modeling skills they would look very formidable indeed. A few Imperial Aquilla placed in thought out places would not jar the eye at all... and even the odd heavy stubber, boltgun or las-cannon here and there would not look out of place. just in moderation.

my only criticism is this: they need to make their fucking minds up. are you historically accurate down to the last detail (see their range of steampunk infantry) or are you a sc-fi/alternate reality range? if the latter, make with the crazy!!!!! if the former then loose the crazy steam tanks!!!

it really is one or the other...

28mm Sci Fi Defences

these make me happy.

Why? cos the tower above is LESS THAN A TENNER!! now that indeed is boss-awesome. and the rest of the ange is good too- defence walls, weapon enplacements, gates. take a look and begin to drool. I could spend a ton on this stuff and still want more. Who likes castle building? I DO! im hoping to see this company at a show somewhere soon and haggle my way into a decent defence line. if they really are 28mm and as crisp and well made as they appear to be then im a very happy fatman.


well, what more can i say? iv not held one or seen one and i have no idea of scale but there is something about these models that I want. and maybe buy some infantry to go with them... but not the Ironclad ones (unfortunatley)

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For some strange reason i do find some of this appealing. I liked the gun turret bunker that looks like a heavy bolter.

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