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years ago, the best thing ever was when you bought some electrical goods with polystrene packing. it was cut up, modeled and had necromunda bulkheads put in and generally was the basis for many many buildings in the 41st millenium (and also the Old World)

then we got a few injection moulded ruins that really made us perk up. the ruins included in the old Cadian box set for one.

then the cities of death came along which as we have already discussed in detail are good.

but now GW seem to be going nuts recently with some high end scenery for 40k and LotR.

the ruined arches would maybe have been a nicer addition to the Aquilla shrine I reviewed a few weeks ago but the statue is actually quite interesting.

Its been hanging around GW publications for quite a while (in rule books and WD) and it has featured in just about every major scene and diarama so its nice we get a go finally.

the final bit is a large ruined Aquilla symbol. not much good for in-game play... in fact nothing much here is. no cover saves from this piece but like the other two it looks pretty. very pretty.

the other kit is a box of "Ruins of Osgiliath"

now this looks quite interesting. three sections and a couple of statues.

this would easily cross over to just about any game and at £15 its not too expensive either.

In all, we have two new kits for £30 a pair, which is Hellhound money. if you like your scenery I think you might be interested in these. personally though i think the LotR ruin would be a better all-round buy as I get a slightly better value for money vibe from that one. i hope to get both in the near future (payday) so expect a propper warts and all review asap.



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Re: COMMENT: GW's new range of scenery

 Oooh I hadn't spotted the Ruins of Osgiliath set.
Might be getting that set myself, I can see me using the walls for Mordheim and Warhammer Skirmish and the statues would make nice little extras to add to my 3D Dungeon.

I'll wait to see your review before I run out and buy it  
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Re: COMMENT: GW's new range of scenery

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It is a shame they do not sell some of the pieces seperately?To add something to a diaorama?To GW orientated for me to buy.
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