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COMMENT: FUCK your "veteran spam"

General Biakal

to survive Waaaagh! you must become Waaaagh!

I am guard player. i just love it... cant get enough of it. tanks, rows of infantry ready to eat nails and shit bullets, more tanks, drop ships... yeah, lets just say i fucking dig IG.

but what really works my ticket is people like the dicks usally found on whineseer who accuse me and players like me of "veteran spam"

its not the term i object to, its the subtext. that somehow using veterans is a bit cheesy... borderline cheating even.

 "How fucking DARE you have more than one of the best units in your army?"
and this is from people who have 3+ saves, or lots of 'fexes or god forbid blood angels (for they are newest) drop-podding right down your fucking chimney.

so what should i do instead?
say, "sorry chum, iv read about these "veterans", and how for a mere 20pts you get increased BS, three special weapons slots (lets face it, its the meltas and the plasmas that make the difference nowadays) and free shotguns so if you DO fancy assaulting you can. if you want. but i dont think i will bother- ill just stick to having so many troops on the board the concept of "tactics" and "maneuvering" goes right out the window as i line up against you with absolutley fuck all chance of hitting you with anything... and if i do its hardly going to make you break sweat as you bounce from on unit to another, shooting then assaulting with me looking helplessly on as the one special weapon i have to shoot you with misses half the time...?

i dont like platoons- i think the are for Benny's.

Benny here has a platoon with grenade launchers and lots of heavy weapons squads...

what i think is important is not to be cheesy with the choices you make once you have decided on veterans. its nice to have variety and its nice to play against it too.

in the modern 5th ed field mobility is king. there are no "table sides" when orks move 19" a turn, and drop pods just appear exactly where you want and to hell with scatter cos we're fucking marines after all!!! and those that cant drop down your chuff pipe can out flank or even just plain pop the fuck up from under the earth like in Tremors only without kevin bacon. static platoons will be minced up quicker than you can say "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" and good luck with your platoons then... or your three las-cannon teams that cant fire cos of the sheer number of troops you have on the table mean each unit blocks LOS for about three others...

i want an army that is fast, accurate and mobile. and loves it when a plan comes together...

yes, i rock a real "A" Team...

face knew only he and L Ron Hubbard could look hetro in a cravat...
Murdoch did indeed use platoons...with grenade launchers

so if you think veteran spam is a negative, i  pity you, you fool.
"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch