Boulder Trap

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As part of my continuing efforts to make sure my dungeon has all the classic dungeon features I have made a boulder trap. The appearance of the boulder was heavily inspired by the boulder traps in the Dungeon Keeper games and also by a piece of artwork form a board game called 'Dungeon Lords' which was clearly influenced by Dungeon Keeper itself

The boulder spent rather a long time as a work in progress but It's actually a rather simple piece
- it started life as 2 half round plastic rocks that I got in a tub of plastic insect toys I bought from a discount store way back in 2004 - I trimmed the 'rocks' down to their mould-lines and then glued them together to form a round boulder. I used a little Milliput to fill some small gaps left at the join and then once the Milliput had set I glued 2 strips of cardboard around the circumference of the boulder at 90 degrees to each other to form the iron bands (which I assume are to stop the boulder cracking apart as it crashes down corridors and over adventurers). I then took my pin-vice drill and drilled lots of little holes through the cardboard strips into the boulder into which I then glued some tiny-tiny nails that I bought from a model train store (I think they are used to nail down the train tracks to a board).

The boulder was under-coated black and then painted with Citadel Charadon Granite which was then highlighted with P3 Ironhull Grey followed by Army Painter Uniform Grey and then Citadel Codex Grey.
The metal bands were painted MP bronze, dry-brushed heavily with Army Painter Gun Metal and Citadel Boltgun Metal before receiving a wash of Citadel Devlan Mud followed by Badab Black at the joins. Finally I gave the metal a light dry-brushing of Citadel Boltgun metal to make it appear worn and beaten from rolling around a dungeon.

Future plans include making a wooden ramp to launch the boulder down inspired by the one produced by Dwarven Forge and featured in an episode of XP Hunters

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its a trap!