Battle Report: Carnage in the Industrial Wastes!

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Battle Report: Carnage in the Industrial Wastes!

So, I have constructed enough of my paper minis to field fat little 500+ point forces. My partner and I sat down for a game, their first game. I wrote up a 500 point Ork list for them and a Tyranid list for my self. I had always wanted to try 'Nids back in the day, but trying armies of the traditional variety was too pricey, so my first run with Tyranids.

We agreed to use the base lists given in the BBB with the addition of the later edition's rules Run and Go to Ground. We rolled for terrain placement and the mission. We scored a Take and Hold mission. Very exciting! The results made my brood the attacker and my partner's boyz the defenders.

All of the minis I resized from extant pdfs or I edited from photographs on the net. The terrain is cheap craft felt pieces sold in 12x9 in pieces at Wal-mart for less than a buck a piece. The flat printed buildings are from an official pdf from the Flames of War site.

Termagants cross the bridge en masse into Ork fire.

The opening moves set the tone for the rest of the battle. Termagants under the psychic guidance of my Warriors push forward in a thick wall of chitin and teeth, directly into the big shootas of the Boyz across the toxic river while my Hive Tyrant crept through the ruined hab buildings with her swarm of five Ripper bases.

The Kan lumbers into cover, preparing for its inevitable duel with the Hive Tyrant. Shootas open up on the herd of Termagants as it pushes across the bridge.

I did not really take photos with a battle report in mind, so I'll just share the highlights that I did capture.

I think this was the end of turn 1?

Here we see the ensuing carnage:It was rather like watching two icebergs collide.

The Hive Tyrant, who I am considering naming "Mother", took a wound at range.

The Herd stampedes into the Boyz

Warriors laying down support with their venom cannon.

The Kan meets Mother in true kaiju fashion.

Mother scores one penetrating hit on the Kan and gets a destroyed result. She consolidates towards dem Boyz.

The Boss' Mega-armor does them no favors as they arrive late to the melee and is then immediately killed by Mother.

The battle officially ended on turn 4 as a tie on a Random Game Length roll of 1, but we played out two more turns and the only orkish survivors were a nob and two boyz who managed to outrun Mother during their fall back.

"Certain and eternal vanquisher of armies,
I have no need of monuments save the tomb stones of the fallen,
nor praises but the wailing of the mourners."
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Re: Battle Report: Carnage in the Industrial Wastes!

Billiam Babble
No-one has replied to this?  

I'm absolutely loving the use of printed minis here. In fact the swarms look even more "swarmy" than usual!
Cool photos, thanks for sharing these.