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Irregular Feature - MortiS The Lost (Mort Logan) Answers your eMails and questions
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It's been a while since I post anything at all on the forum, a lot has been going on in personal life over the last few years and I simply haven't had time to write posts and photograph miniatures like I used to.

However about a month back I decided that my Miniatures hobby stuff should have some kind of online presence and I found the easiest and simplest thing I could do was make short videos showing and explaining what I'm currently working on.

So here's my Vlog a series of 5-10 minuet videos filmed whenever I have a day free to work on my miniatures, each Vlog is filmed at the start of the day (normally) and shows what I've finished from previous videos and what I'm going to be working on that day.

So, if you want to keep up with me, contact me, stalk me or just see what I'm doing with miniatures these days please subscribe

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It's time for Ask Mortis again, the random and irregular feature were I answer questions people send in. Lets get strait into a question that was actually posted on the forum this time ...

The Skald wrote
Hiya Mortis, not really a question directed at one of your previous posts, but seeing the different monsters you've introduced to your campaign, have you done stats / conversions for Carrion Crawlers?
If you have could I beg a copy please? and if not, how about the Beholder (which you've done as a Chaos Spawn) so I can try getting my head around how you've successfully ported D&D critters into "Mortis(AHQ)Quest" please?
Well I supposed the appropriate place to post this question would have been as a reply to either of my Carrion Crawler posts (This One or  This One ) or possibly even the post I did about my Beer-Widget Beholder

But I'm kidding, in fact I believe this question does deserve a thread all to itself, not least because it's really asking 3 questions, one of which scrapes the top of a huge ice-berg of a subject.

First of all I'll make some clarifications so you can better understand what I'm rambling on about later as I delve into theses subjects. First of all 'MortiS Quest' is a campaign, not a rule set - MortiS Quest when it first started was played using the HeroQuest rules with a lot of additions made, as of 2010 MortiS Quest has been played with a set of rules called EnDungeoned (admittedly it didn't have a name at the time) which I wrote specifically for the MortiS Quest games we play (EnDungeoned is what people are referring to when they talk about the “MortiS Quest rules”). EnDungeoned shares a few basic mechanics with HeroQuest and thus the 2 games are mildly compatible, but HeroQuest lacks the advanced rules and stats of a true and more complex RPG.
EnDungeoned is not compatible with AHQ or WHQ although I understand there may be some confusion on the matter caused by an early post where I said I was thinking of running an AHQ based campaign but then went ahead and did MortiS Quest instead.

In the early days of MortiS Quest we stuck stringently to the Warhammer background in the hopes of giving the games some sense of over all consistency - so when I wanted to include D&D monsters I had come up with a good excuse … and that 'good excuse' was normally “Chaos Did It” or as became the catch phrase among my group due to a game of Space Crusade we played “Chaos Warp Portal!”  

So nearly every D&D creature that didn't appear in Warhammer already was shoe-horned in as some kind of Chaos Spawn or other. Thus we had Seer Spawns, Beholders in all but name.
Eventually however I figured “Fuck it, this is my campaign - I can do whatever I want!” and just imported my favourite creatures from D&D (and many other games besides) into our own distorted version of the Warhammer World.

Sorry were was I? Carrion-Crawler stats for HeroQuest …

The EnDungeoned rules for the Carrion-Crawler are a little more complex as you might expect but here they are simplified (and tweaked) for use in HeroQuest (even then it's more complicated than our average HQ monster) and with the D&D Board Game miniature in mind.

Carrion Crawler

Move: 6
The crawler can attack twice in a turn with it's Tentacles, rolling 2 Combat Dice each time
Or it can use it's teeth and mandibles to Bite, rolling 3 Combat Dice
Defend: 4
Body: 5
Mind: 2

Special Rules

* The Carrion Crawler's Tentacles can be used to attack diagonally.

* Any Skulls rolled by the Carrion Crawler when attacking a Hero using it's Tentacles that are not cancelled out by Shields cause Paralysis - the Hero must miss 1 turn for each Skull, but does not loose any Body Points

As for the Beholder …. I don't recommend it for regular HeroQuest because of how powerful it is, but here goes. The following rules are adapted directly from the D&D rules with a few tweaks made for HQ (The Beholders or Eye Beasts that feature in the EnDungeoned rules are quite different to the classic D&D Beholder)


^ Image copyright Michael Washburn ( used totally without permission

Move: 4
Attack: 6
Defend: 5
Body: 11
Mind: 8

Special Rules

* Instead of attacking normally the Beholder may use it Eye-Rays to attack - these work in a similar way to the cross-bow and roll 3 Combat Dice each. The Beholder may use up to 2 Eye-Ray attacks per a turn.
Any Skulls rolled by the Beholder when attacking a Hero using an Eye-Ray attack that are not cancelled out by Shields cause an Eye-Ray effect. The Evil Wizard players must choose which of the following effects the Eye-Rays have Before rolling the attack

1: Charm Ray: a Hero struck by the Charm Ray does not loose Body Points but instead the Evil Wizard player controls the Hero in their next turn

2: Sleep Ray: a Hero struck by the Sleep Ray does not loose Body Points but instead is subject to the effects of the Sleep Spell

3: Telekinetic Ray: a Hero struck by the Telekinetic Ray does not loose Body Points but instead is pushed backward 1 Square for each Skull scored by the attack.

4: Freeze Ray: a Hero struck by the Freeze Ray does not loose Body Points but instead is frozen 1 turn for each Skull scored by the attack.

5: Disintegration Ray: a Hero struck by the Disintegration Ray does not loose Body Points but instead must loose 1 Equipment Card or Potion they are carrying.

6: Fear Ray: a Hero struck by the Fear Ray does not loose Body Points but instead cannot Attack in their next turn.

7: Slow Ray: a Hero struck by the Slow Ray does not loose Body Points but instead may only Roll 1 Dice for movement in their next turn

8: Death Ray:  a Hero struck by the Death Ray looses Body Points as normal

9: Anti-Magic Ray: a Hero struck by the Anti-Magic ray does not loose Body Points but instead cannot use Spells or Potions in their next turn.

Note: for a little added fun, if you have 10-sided dice (D10) you can roll randomly for the Eye-Ray the beholder uses with the result of 0 meaning the Evil Wizard may choose.

Pretty Nasty huh?
In case you are wondering - Yes, I do have a working system that converts D&D monster stats to HeroQuest - but I've never published it. This is quite a can of worms here and the conversion system deserves a long rambling post all of it own. It's taken me the better part of 2 years and I have held back sharing it with everyone because I want to make sure I get credit for all the work I put in.

I'm looking at YOU members of 'Ye Olde Inn' who lurk on The Lost and the Damned forum, reading, always reading but never posting and then using my ideas and rules in your own work without acknowledging me or the forum! And also I don't want to see the whole thing “re-blogged” some other place that ends up getting all the views and comments this forum would have had otherwise.

Yes I can convert D&D monsters to basic HeroQuest rules and when I publish my conversion system  I want credit for it (I might even publish it as a PDF on RPG Drive-Thru or another similar site with a better spelt name)

Until next time … I need to think of a 'good bye' catch phrase

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Far Too Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I'd take this opportunity to answer some of the questions I get asked the most often, here is a good sample of the kind of questions I get asked on a regular basis - the exact subjects of most of these questions are completely interchangeable.  

Bob wrote
You're really good a painting - will you paint my Hero Quest minis for me?

KKhorne wrote
Did u used to work fro GW an got fired? is that why u hate GW so much?

Carl wrote
Do you work for Mantic?

Baron wrote
I've seen lots of photos of your 3D dungeon and I think it's awesome, can I buy it from you? (I will make a good offer)

James wrote
I have 2000 of ultramarines (propainted) including a custom landraider and marnus calgar for sale or trade R U interested?

Greg wrote
I've been looking for a copy of “Dark World: Village of Fear” forever. Will you sell me your copy please?

JKjames wrote
Nortis Logan are you looking for an affordable place to buy pharms online?

Jill wrote
Hello Mortis, it says you'r the admin. There's a lot of foul language being used on Lost and the Damned at the moment, specially by “General Biakal” and its making me unconformable when I read the other wise super cool stuff you guys do here. Will you make some forum rules to stop profanities being used and be a responsible admin.
Fuck No

Kaine wrote
Sorry if you get this a lot but are you the musician Mortiis?

Emma wrote
Your painting skills are the best I've seen do you have any plans to become a pro-painter?

David wrote
Hi, my name is David and I'm trying to collect all of the old Talisman figures. I noticed in one of your pictures on “The Lost and Damned Forum” that you have the Necromancer (you've painted his robes purple and he's got a skull in his right hand and a wand in his left). Would you be interested in a trade? I have lots of old HeroQuest models you would love.

Thomas wrote
Will you subscribe to my Youtube channel, it's all about how to play and collect Tyranids?

Magnus wrote
Will you be getting back into playing 40k now the new ed is out? I here its gone mostly back to how it was in 2nd ed

Thomas wrote
Will you make some more of those minecarts for me to use in my DnD game?

Greg wrote
are you excited about the new version of Warhammer?

Liam wrote
I think it would be really epic to play as Space Marine Terminator (from 40k/SPACEHULK) in Warhammer Quest. Will you write the rules for me? (please)
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People Often Email me questions that they should really be posting on the forum. Here is one such question.

Biffomaniac wrote
When you contacted Morris did you happen to ask him if he had ever worked on books for the elf and dwarf? There could still be copyright stuff keeping him from sharing the details if he did have books he never finished, but it would be great to find out just in case he has stuff that was never published. I am, of course thinking about quests. Let me know, thanks.
This question of course refers to my post about the “unsolvable”code puzzle in the quest presented in the 2nd HeroQuest novel for which I had to contact the author Dave Morris (via fellow author Jonathan Green) to find out what the solution was. You can read the original post Here

As it happens I did ask Dave Morris if their were any more HeroQuest novels planned after the 3 that were published for much the same reasons - here is his response;

“There were no more HQ books planned after those three. At least, not that I know of.”

How's that for an anti-climax huh?

 ^ Photoshop'd Book Cover, pure click bait (sorry)

If anyone has any more questions about things I've posted on the forum, please reply to the relevant post on the forum instead of emailing me
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Here's a new random and irregular feature for the forum

I quite often get emails from people asking about the things I've posted, why these people choose to email me rather than replying to the relevant topic forum is beyond me - but in an attempt to get a little more traffic to our humble corner of the internet I've decided to make a feature of these questions via email. So here goes ….

Greg wrote
Sacred Sockpuppet of Sigmar‏

Hiya Mort'

just joined after lurking for some time while I tottered on the fence deciding whether or not to get back into gaming. The final "push" came when I saw your sockpuppet, and I remembered all the GOOD things about the hobby :-)
So, c'mon, spill the beans. what is he? I'm guessing you've converted the mini from something like the top of an Empire standard but I've googled til my fingers bled and can't find anything appropriate!
Thanks again for the inspiration and I hope you don't mind me asking.

See you 'on the boards'
'ello Greg

I'm guessing the model in question here is this one:

This is in fact not a conversion at all but a stock figure from Citadel's Mordheim range (also it doesn’t actually belong to me but my friend Mutt). Specifically this miniature is a Zealot from the Witch Hunter faction (you find pictures of in the colour section of the Mordheim Rulebook pg100 and pg108).

Here's a Link to Witch Hunter Figures on the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Wiki

Before we got into playing our dungeon-based MortiS Quest games, my group used to mainly play Mordheim so we had many Mordheim figures lying around which went on to become PCs and NPCs in MortiS Quest

Given GW's recent policies toward nice old miniatures like this, it seems unlikely that this model is still available, but they were quite common for a long time so you should beable to pick up this fella from eBay for (hopefully) a reasonable price.  
While searching for images to use in this post I came across this nifty conversion which you might want to consider having a stab at doing should eBay prove problematic

 ^ It looks to be made from the running victim from the Citadel Plastic Giant plus some bits from the Citadel Plastic Flagellant kit and should prove pretty easy to execute

Well that's all for now - Until next time; if anyone has any more questions about things I've posted on the forum, please reply to the relevant post on the forum

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