Advanced HeroQuest in 15mm :D

Posted by Sir Goddy Sir Goddy
Recently got a copy of AHQ from a friend for free only thing missing was the miniatures so after no joy on  Evilbay well there was but I cant afford to get a loan.. I remembered I bought a load of Demon World 15mm miniatures a few months back and thought why not cheaper too

So heres some of the Demon World miniatures

Got  close to I could for the four plastic heroes from the box

Dwarf and the Wizard painted

Try to get them as close to the original painting style too

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Re: Advanced HeroQuest in 15mm :D

This is so awesome.  I love the notion of 15mm minis in tabletop RPGs because it means the dungeons can be just that little bit more massive and grander in scale.

15mm figures made my dungeon blocks look huge! :o  (but not exquisitely painted like yours)