A Wood Elf and a Shadow

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Yea so this is another one of those posts where I've taken a couple of miniatures I've painted recently, set them up with some bits of my dungeon terrain, messed around shooting some pretty pictures and am now showing them off to you with the pretence that I'm writing a painting and modelling article by adding a few lines of text about the miniatures.

The Elf is a Citadel Plastic Wood-Elf from the mid-90's which became the victim of a head-swap conversion to make it more individual, the new head came from a slightly more recent 40k plastic Eldar Guardian sprue. Although the conversion was done many years ago, the model was painted only last week because I used it as demonstration model while teaching our newest group member Joe (PrinceSnowHawk) the basics of painting - you'll notice the colour scheme is the same as Joe's first painted miniature, his unnamed Ranger 
As you can hopefully see, the colours are mostly browns to fit with the ranger concept for Joe's figure and browns aren’t interesting enough to write too much about - the green of the cloak however is a little more interesting, we started with Citadel Dark Angels Green and highlighted up  through a mixture of Dark Angels Green and Emerald Green to Pure Emerald Green (ok maybe it's not that interesting) - tell you what, if any of you are really interested in what paints I've used you can ask in the comments    

The 'Shadow' (The Shadow? - The Shadow - The Shadow!) is a Wraith from the D&D 'Adventure board-game' - I'm sure some of you reading this will have recognised it already, but here's another picture of it anyway.

The paint job on this one was ultra simple due to the fact the whole thing is just one piece of swirling ghostly cloth on a plain base with a tomb stone on it - the figure it's self was dry brushed in Formula P3 Exile Blue over a black undercoat followed by a final highlight of Citadel Shadow Grey and the gravestone and base got standard rock and earth treatment. I think if and when I do another one of these figures I will add a little more detail to the base.

For the bonus picture this time I've included a Monster Card for the HeroQuest players reading - I have posted this on the forum before but I'm not sure if it's still up because it was part of a thread started by someone who quit the forum and deleted all their posts after I refused to debate evolution vs creationism with them over FaceBook. Anyway here's a the card (again) …


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Re: A Wood Elf and a Shadow

Cool minis once again :)
You pictures are a bit grainy though... You need more light I think. Not a flash, that would ruin the atmosphere. Just some diffuse backlighting perhaps.

I also made a card for these ghosts for HQ once. I still need to paint mine. But yeah, ultra easy drybrushing!

I take it the person who left was the creationism believer? It's strange how religious people get so very upset when you discuss different views on life. One of the (many many) reasons I'm not religious. But let's not go there

Don't you get annoyed with having so many different bases though? I only use square bases, and that annoys me as they aren't all the same shape. But round too?
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Re: A Wood Elf and a Shadow

Sjeng wrote
You[r] pictures are a bit grainy
Yea the furniture at my house was moved around in the last few weeks, so I've lost the 'sweet spot' of lighting I'd normally take my photos in, still not so bad.

Sjeng wrote
I also made a card for these ghosts for HQ once
Come to think of it, I believe I may have HQ style rules for all the monsters from the D&D boardgame written down somewhere - I'll see about digging them out for you all

Sjeng wrote
Don't you get annoyed with having so many different bases though? I only use square bases, and that annoys me as they aren't all the same shape. But round too?
Personally I think miniatures look best on round bases but I've got so many different makes of miniatures it's not always possible have them on the same style bases due to all kinds of issues (hard to remove integral bases, unusual size or shaped miniatures and so on ), so over all I just put miniatures on whatever base they fit best on and try to keep some consistency between creatures of the same type whenever possible.
Most miniatures I will mount on a round base with a layer of textured plasticard added to the surface for a little detail. If there turns out to be a large empty space I sometimes add a skull, discarded weapon, loose stone or other small detail piece to the base to aesthetically balance it, but nothing too distracting from the miniature.
However if a miniature has an integral base I will mount it on top of a plastic base and then use Green-Stuff and/or other materials to extend the details of the integral base outwards the meet the edge of the plastic base.
Or in some special cases (when it's easy) I will put the effort in to remove the integral base and do a complete re-basing
Spell Casters I nearly always base on Hexagonal Bases, although I'm not sure the reason behind it, it feels right and looks good.  

In the case of the Shadow (The Shadow? - The Shadow - The Shadow!) above it was pretty much just laziness on my part, normally I'd have gone to the effort of re-basing the miniature or at the very least detailing the integral base in some way, but I just left it as is … ah well - maybe next time
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