A Fimir, a Death Knight and some Dungeon bits

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In a way this post is a follow up to a post I made last year called '3 Recently Painted Things', featuring as it does another Dragon Strike Death Knight and a couple of newly converted dungeon  pieces.

The Fimir is of course a HeroQuest figure, re-based and converted to hold a rather primitive looking stone hammer which came from a Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms sprue. There's not much note worthy about this figure it's just another addition to my Fimir which ended up being painted with a lighter skin-tone that the others. You can see some pictures of Fimir I've painted previouslyHere

The 2nd figure as I mentioned before is a 'Death Knight' from TSR's DragonStrike, the first one I painted came in quite useful as a leader type for groups of Skeletons and/or Zombies so I decided to paint up another one and for the sake of variety I did some conversion work to the model as well.
I replaced the head with one from a plastic Citadel Skeleton sprue (the late 90's version not the original) and re-armed the model with a 2 handed axe by swapping the head of the scythe thing it was carrying with the head of a HeroQuest Fimir's axe. A scrap of armour cut from the wrist of a plastic Ogre's wrist was added to the left shoulder to add further variation from the original model.
The model was painted in pretty much the same way as the first one although obviously I did the cloth red this time - it's worth noting that as this isn't a particularly good miniature some of the details are rather vague and thus 'open to interpretation' when it comes to painting - some bits I painted as armour on the first figure I've painted as cloth on this one and some bits that I first painted as skin I've 'reinterpreted' as cloth - I wouldn't recommend doing this on most figures as it would look rather odd but on theses figures you can get away with it.
Stats wise these 'Death Knights' (I think I need to come up with a better name from them than 'Death Knight' because they don't look particularly Knightly) sit in a mid-ground between Skeletons and Mummies which goes hand in hand with it's appearance - it's not quite a Skeleton, Zombie or Mummy but some mixture of all 3 -  it makes for a good 'just a bit bigger and badder than the average rank-and-file' undead monster.
Perhaps in higher level adventures I will start using them in the place of Skeletons but I'll need a few more of them to make a decent sized encounter group - I have one more of these miniatures from my Dragon Strike box and after that I guess I'll need to start looking at 35mm or 40mm skeleton miniatures to convert (The DS Death Knights stand head and shoulders over the normal 28/30mm skeletons I use in my games)

It appears I've rambled on about that one miniature for quite a while now so I think it's time for a change of subject. Ah, now it seems some steampunk is encroaching on my dungeon ...

The round insert in the top image shows a close-up of a dungeon wall with a 'gear panel' in it (you can just about see it hidden in the shadows on the wall to right of figures in the main pictures), I made this so it could be used to suggest there is a piece of machinery (such as the mechanism to raise and lower a portcullis) behind the wall.
To make the wall with 'gear panel' I used 2 riveted plates from a railway bridge kit, I glued 3 gears scavenged from various broken toys to the back of one plate, then cut the middle out of the other plate and glued the 2 pieces back-to-back with some sprue pieces around the edges to separate them evenly. I then took an MK3DD dungeon wall and carefully cut and filed a hole in the middle of  it into which I glued the 'gear panel' before using milliput to fill the gaps.

 ^ The 'gear panel' was inspired by similar ones seen in Quake which are used to indicate that a door needs to be opened with a switch or button. My 'gear panel' will fulfil a similar role in my dungeon

^Another possible use for the gear panel is as part of a 'missing gears puzzle' like the one in Tomb Raider where you need to search around for missing gears to repair a mechanism that opens a door.

Every good dungeon should have a prison, so I made the prison bars you see behind the figures above from pieces of sprue and trimmed and based them to fit into empty door arches from my MK3DD Dungeon. I also 'sacrificed' a damaged Dalek model to make the rivets/bolts where the bars join although some of them are the injection points already on the sprue pieces which I cleverly lined-up with the joins during construction. The bars were painted Citadel Tinbitz and then dry-brushed Boltgun Metal to match the various other metal parts of my dungeon.

 ^ The Prison bars before painting

I designed these 'prison bars' to represent solid fixed bars rather than Doors or Portcullises, but I do have plans to make at least 1 with a door fitted into it so that 4 arches can be placed into a square pattern and then the bars slotted into the arches to form a cage.
The obvious use for these pieces is of course to make a prison area for 'rescue mission' type adventures, but they also make nice puzzle elements as characters can see things on the other side of them but not necessarily get to them.