A Call to Arms: Starfleet

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This could get VERY expensive.....

ADB (who are the only people with a star-trek licence for proper minis) are teaming up with Mongoose Miniatures to make a whole new line of star trek mins........ok re-make the ADB ones but the renders of the 3D models they're using as masters are looking tastey:

It'll be set in ADB's own 'post TOS' universe that's a bit different to the cannon star trek universe but still quite cool. Rules are going to be based on the 'A Call to Arms' series.......can't see me using those but the minis will look nice  They'll also be cast in resin which should work well to keep all that wrap-around detail and make them a lot lighter which when a model has to be balanced on a flight stand does make a big difference.

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this is 1 i mite get in to hopfuly it will last longer then B5