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Captin Kabeered
Hi everyone,

I was able to track down some of the old zoat bits I was looking for. Mortis I have found that zoat squad info you were looking for a while back.

RT 1sted Zoat bits:
Astronomican front cover
The Astronomican
Check out page 103 or PDF Page 105 for the Zoat info.

The Tyranid Army list form WD 145:

The Tyranid Army list from WD 145 is the only RT edition list missing from The White Dwarf Compilation book (The Yellow one). Even though WD 145 was printed (WD 145 Cover date: January 1992.) before it was releasted... Odd... as far as I can recall.

The squig swarm profile is in fact a merged Chaos Familar other profile avalible to the genstelar cult as seen in the yellow book or WHFR 1sted.

Hope you all enjoy the read. As ever let me know what you think.