3d Printed Heroquest

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3d Printed Heroquest

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Just thought I would share what I have been doing. Also, to show that it is possible for someone new in all aspects of 3D printing and miniature painting that with determination you too can do it.

3d Printed Hero Quest board.

The past 6 months, I have been working on this project. I've had to learn how to manipulate 3d files.
I would get files off of Thingiverse.com and alter them to fit my needs. Such as size and shape.

True tile sample pack
Rampage sample pack
Thingiverse models

3d Printer & Filiment
Modular Tile Models
Modular wall Models
Decoration Models


then, I printed for 4-5 months straight.

Then I had to learn how to paint them.

1. Prime in Black paint
2. Base color coat of gray
3. Unbleached titanium white dry brush
4. Polyshades minwax coat
5. Dull coat to remove sheen effect.

You can see where I am in the following pictures

Here is my VLOG of the build.
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Re: 3d Printed Heroquest

A thousand years late but:

amazing! Should get a 3d printer.
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Re: 3d Printed Heroquest

Captin Kabeered
In reply to this post by wgmcdowell
Hello wgmcdowell,

I really like the way you are constucting your new board, it is real 3d. Looks like a place I could really get lost in.

Keep up the cool work and it would be good to see more when you are ready to take us on guided toures.

Seeing all the detailed funicher and accessories is fun too. The walls stone floors, doors and extar bits all add to the adventures feel as well.

Untill next time,
Captin Kabeered.