#2 Unpublished Hero Quest Books

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People Often Email me questions that they should really be posting on the forum. Here is one such question.

Biffomaniac wrote
When you contacted Morris did you happen to ask him if he had ever worked on books for the elf and dwarf? There could still be copyright stuff keeping him from sharing the details if he did have books he never finished, but it would be great to find out just in case he has stuff that was never published. I am, of course thinking about quests. Let me know, thanks.
This question of course refers to my post about the “unsolvable”code puzzle in the quest presented in the 2nd HeroQuest novel for which I had to contact the author Dave Morris (via fellow author Jonathan Green) to find out what the solution was. You can read the original post Here

As it happens I did ask Dave Morris if their were any more HeroQuest novels planned after the 3 that were published for much the same reasons - here is his response;

“There were no more HQ books planned after those three. At least, not that I know of.”

How's that for an anti-climax huh?

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